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会徽 The Emblem

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The Emblem of Association consists of five round circles of five different colours such as blue, yellow, red, white and orange with the wheel of Dharma is a swastika which is symbol for peace. At the base of the blue circle is a lotus flower which represents purity. The Wheel of Dharma means the propagation of the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Each of the colour blue, yellow, red, white and orange represents faith, wisdom, holiness, purity and ungreediness respectively. Around the outer orange circle are the name of the Association both in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese.


PBA sign.png

When Master Zhu Mo visited our association, our association was fortunate that Master Zhu Mo left the calligraphy with five characters Name of "Pahang Buddhist Association"

会歌 The Anthem


Since the establishment, our association did not have our own anthem. Before any event, we only sing the "Three Treasure Songs", an anthem of Chinese Buddhism. After the association moved from the old site to the current new site in 1999, we decided that we needed to have an anthem belonging to the Pahang Buddhist Association. At that time, the committee Wong Sien Biang wrote the lyrics and the music was composed by the well-known local music producer Chow Kam Leong.




​词:黄先炳      曲:周金亮

创建人间净土词:黄先炳 曲:周金亮
00:00 / 04:43
创建人间净土(纯乐)词:黄先炳 曲:周金亮
00:00 / 04:39

依山傍水 巍然耸立

庄严佛殿 无限清凉


爱我佛教 你我本分

宣佛法音 你我职责

前人耕耘 我今得庇荫

我今发愿 后人可乘凉

勇于承担 敢于负责

智慧不断增长 慈悲信愿俱足

勇于承担 敢于负责

​智慧不断增长 慈悲信愿俱足


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